Constantly Worrying About The Future?

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Do you constantly live in the future?

Are you always worrying about what you should or shouldn’t be doing?

Do you stress about things that haven’t happened and may never happen?

Living in the future is very common and many of us are constantly thinking about what we are doing next instead of concentrating on what we’re doing right now. I am very guilty of this and am always thinking about the next project before even completing the first! This behaviour not only leads to added stress and anxiety, but makes us feel unsettled and constantly unfulfilled.

If there is one thing that I have learnt over the past few months, it is to live for the moment and to stop getting caught up in all the crap that keeps dragging us down. Having recently had family come over to visit, whom I hadn’t seen for over a year and a half, certainly made me realise that you really need to savour every moment and enjoy each experience – the only way you can really do this, is to be present and really live it. Because if you don’t, the moment will be here and then it will be gone forever! Now that my family have left, it really hit home how important it is to enjoy every moment you have with those that you love and don’t focus on unimportant things.

Towards the end of last year, I spent a lot of time stressing – I was getting married so this caused a lot of unnecessary angst. However, there was also a series of other events which also led to me feeling fretful and worried. All this negative emotion and unnecessary worry took me away from living in the now and experiencing things for what they were.

Stop stressing about what hasn’t happened and start living in the now!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy each and every moment:

  • When you feel your mind wandering off to what you need to do tomorrow – bring it back to the present and remember that tomorrow you won’t get this moment back and may never again.
  • Practice daily gratitude – being thankful for all the things that you have will make you really appreciate all the things in your life and not focus on the things that you don’t have.
  • Take time each day to be fully aware and appreciate all the things around you – whether it be the birds singing, breathing fresh air, laughing with a friend or eating your favourite food – each moment is so special.
  • Make time each day to do something you love – enjoyment is medicine for the soul!
  • Stop focusing on your 10 year plan and giving yourself unrealistic expectations – this causes overwhelm and unnecessary anxiety. Set realistic, daily or weekly goals that allow you to enjoy the ride as you go.

Life is a journey – start enjoying the trip and stop worrying about the destination


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