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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Finding out that you’re pregnant is an extremely exciting time, however it can also be overwhelming and daunting, especially when you’re a first time mum.

There is so much information out there with regards to what’s healthy and what’s not, what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t – wading through all the information in itself can be stressful and disconcerting.

Pregnancy Health Coaching you can trust

I offer pregnancy health coaching whereby I will work with you one-on-one to guide you through your pregnancy, whether it be just for the first trimester or the whole way through.

Being a qualified naturopath & nutritionist, and having been through pregnancy myself, I understand  what it takes to maintain a healthy pregnancy and how challenging it can sometimes be when you are growing another life within you. Pregnancy should be an amazing experience and I’ll be there with you for every step of the way during this wonderful journey!

Health coaching sessions can take place either in person (in Perth only), on the telephone or via Skype for those based interstate or overseas.


What you will learn

-  What key nutrients your body specifically needs for pregnancy
-  How you can maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy
-  How to overcome and avoid pregnancy symptoms with diet and lifestyle
-  What exercise will benefit your growing body
-  How to maintain healthy weight gain during pregnancy
-  How to deal with emotional issues that may arise during pregnancy
-  What lifestyle modifications are essential for a healthy pregnancy
-  How you can prepare your body for birth
-  What you can do to enhance your post-natal health and improve your recovery

I will give you tips, recipes and practical advice that you can start implementing immediately.

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