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Preconception Health Coaching

A couple making a heart shape on the pregnant belly with their hands

Do you often feel tired, sluggish and crave sugar?

Are you carrying a few extra kilos that you would like to lose?

Would you like to get yourself as healthy as possible before you actively start trying to conceive?


Deciding to start a family can be a major life-changing decision, just like deciding to get married or change careers. Creating a life is an exciting time, however in can also be a challenging time for some couples. With rising rates of infertility, preconception care has never been more important and the sooner you can start your preconception health care plan the better.

It takes approximately 4 months for sperm to be produced and 100 days for an egg follicle to mature. During this time both the sperm and the egg are susceptible to toxins, infections, heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies. This is why it’s so important that your health and nutritional status at the time of conception is the best that it can be. An ideal time to start your preconception care is four to six months before you actively start trying.


Preconception Health Coaching you can trust

I offer one-on-one preconception health coaching for women who are looking to get their bodies baby-ready and optimise their fertility health. I’ll work with you to put in place an individualised health plan tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Coaching sessions can take place either in person (in Perth only), on the telephone or via Skype for those based interstate or overseas.

Being a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, I can offer you advice that you can trust. I will give you guidance as to what preconception tests might be necessary and also be there every step of the way during your fertility journey.


What you will learn

- How you can tailor your diet for optimum nutrition
- What nutrients your body needs specifically
- How you can plan your meals
- What lifestyle measures you can take to optimise fertility
- How to deal with emotional issues relating to pregnancy or starting a family

I’ll give you tips, recipes and practical advice that you can start implementing immediately.


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