About Michelle

Hi there!

I’m Michelle, the founder of Vitality Corner and lover of all things health! I’m a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist and Reflexologist. I’m also a Jungle Body Dance Fitness Instructor, which not only keeps me fit but also helps me to inspire others to feel confident and get in shape.

It’s my passion to help people achieve their health goals and be the best version of themselves – I love spreading the word about healthy living and do this via my blogs, the articles I write for other websites and magazines, the photos I take and the workshops and talks that I speak at. I do my best to help inspire and educate others to live the life that they were meant to live.

I’m of the belief that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the key to optimum health and vitality. It was my dream to set up a space where I could share my knowledge and experience with others in a non-pushy and non-militant way –  and so Vitality Corner was born! My vision was to create a community where others can also share their love for all things health.

I have a particular interest in pre-conception and pregnancy care, postpartum support and children’s health. Much of the work that I do focuses on these areas, however in my naturopathic practice I work with a range of clients who have various health goals.

Here are some of my other loves in life…

green juices, the beach, homemade houmous, Bikram yoga, my dogs, my family and friends, dancing, house music, cacao smoothies, feeling inspired by like-minded people, shopping in London, raw food, travelling to new places, snorkelling, Ibiza and nice shoes!

Everybody’s health journey will be a different one, so no matter where you are at in that journey, there will always be the opportunity to learn and be inspired, you just need to be open and willing.

“Every conversation creates a new opportunity – to learn, to laugh, to exchange, to be heard, to inspire”