About Vitality Corner

Hello and welcome to Vitality Corner!

Thanks so much for dropping by, it’s great to have you here!

Vitality Corner is a health and wellness website where I blog regularly about various health and wellbeing topics with the aim of motivating others to take action regarding their health.

I have a special interest in preconception care, pregnancy health, post-partum and children’s health so much of what I write relates to these areas. I hope to inspire, help and support others to achieve the ultimate vitality they crave.

My mission is Educate, Inspire and Create.

Educate others and myself, with passion and purpose

Inspire action, creativity, living with purpose, transformation, self-belief

Create positive change, balance, energy, movement, community abundance, success and sense of achievement

Vitality comes from the word Vitalitas which basically means ‘pertaining to life – vital’ – something that we need to survive and something that is an absolute necessity in life. When you look up the word Vitality in the dictionary, some of the words that come up are:

exuberance, strength, vigor, get up and go, liveliness, pizazz, pulse, sparkle, zest, vivaciousness, remarkable energy, wellbeing.

That’s what we all want right?!

Yet so many people are living the complete opposite – they feel lethargic, weak, uninspired, apathetic, bleak, lifeless and lazy. Nobody wants to feel this way – it is bleak and depressing! Life doesn’t need to be this way – you have the power to change and make a real difference to how you feel, how you live your life and the actions that you take today can have a profound effect on everything you do.

Achieving health and vitality is not just about what you eat (although this does play a huge role), it’s also about mind, body and spirit. So at Vitality Corner I discuss everything from diet and nutrition to topics such as spirituality, detox, exercise, healing therapies and plenty more!  My aim is to inspire others through regular blogs and interviews so that they can be vibrant, healthy and happy!

So stay tuned and please feel free connect, share and inspire as the Vitality Corner community would love to hear from you!