Are You Feeling Overwhelmed By Life?

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Sometimes we simply just take on TOO much – I am a master of it, trust me! I normally say yes to everything and then spend the rest of time wondering how the hell I’m going to get it all done. It’s ridiculous and I ask myself time and time again, WHY did you do that again!

The thing is… us human beings naturally want to do things – especially when things sound exciting and fun.  We are instinctively drawn to experiences that are ultimately going to fulfil us and enrich our lives in some way or another.

Have you ever had a case of ‘I don’t want to miss out on that’?

I ALWAYS get that whenever I am asked to do or go somewhere – and probably have done my whole life. The fear of missing out is sometimes more challenging that having to force yourself to get ready and put on a bravado when ALL you want to do is put your trackies on and watch a movie!

Sometimes though, you just gotta LET IT GO!

You simply cannot be all places at all times, nor can you be all things to all people.

There will always be other opportunities and if there isn’t you just have to CREATE them. Life is an ever-evolving playground and you just need to know which merry-go-round to get on and which ones to pass on by.

Here are my 5 tips letting go and reducing the load:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up – just because you don’t do something doesn’t make you a bad person and nor does it mean you are missing out on an opportunity as there will always be more.
  2. Be very clear about what your end goals are and what is important to you – NOT what you think is important to others.
  3. Learn to say NO – if the opportunity doesn’t feel right, then don’t be afraid to pass it on by and do not feel bad for saying no.
  4. Organise you’re your day in order of priority – ONLY put things on your list that need to get done that day. Don’t put 20 things on your list (just because they are on your mind) as that will only bombard you and cause a serious case of overwhelm.
  5. Make time for YOU to just let go and have fun. Whether that be to dance, read, take photos, go for a walk… whatever you enjoy to do, just DO IT!

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed-out recently, then start making small changes today to ease the load so that you can enjoy the things that you actually want to do.

Have you got any great tips on how to reduce the stress from the burdens of life?

Please share them in the comments below as we would love to hear from you!


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