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Isn’t it weird how sometimes you find yourself attracted towards a certain place, person or in my case a shop. I found myself walking down my local shopping precinct a couple of days ago when I suddenly decided that I needed to look for a crystal (I love crystals!) and when I say crystal I mean the energetic type of crystal like an Amethyst and not the kind you smoke! I actually wanted to find a crystal for my friend who is having trouble sleeping and thought I it would be quite nice to get her one to put under her pillow. As I was walking down the street minding my own business, I suddenly saw a lovely big blue sign for The Blue Budha shop which is an amazing shop that has the most beautiful things in it – everything from crystals to metaphysical books, from candles to jewellery. Their website states Housing gifts and treasures for the mind, body and soul’ and that is exactly what they do – when you walk inside you instantly feel calm and at peace. All the staff that work there are so lovely and happy that it makes you feel great too! Well before I had actually even gone inside, I saw a big sign outside saying ‘Crystal Bed Therapy’ and I thought ‘Oooh what is that all about…’ I had never heard of it before and wanted to find out more! I started having a chat to Louise (who is the Crystal Bed therapist) and she began telling me all about it and how it works; I was so intrigued that I thought I may as well give it a go.

Before I tell you about the Crystal Bed, I need to tell you all about John of God as without him, the bed would never have come to be! John of God is a spiritual healer in Brazil who has treated millions of people with unique healings. He is a full trance medium and what this means is that he can channel spiritual beings through himself whilst still being conscious and these spirits use his mind to communicate; so in other words they speak through him and his body and mind are merely a vessel. So if you have seen True Blood, it’s kind of like what happens to Lafayette when Marnie decided to ‘jump’ inside him in season 4! These spirits which are called ‘Entities’ actually perform energy healing work through him. There are thousands of entities that channel through him including saints, biblical people, deceased doctors, royalty and other spiritual masters who have lived over the centuries. John of God has dedicated his life to helping others and his journey led him to set up a retreat in his home country of Brazil where people come from all around the globe to receive a healing.

What is Crystal Bed Therapy?

The Crystal Bed was a concept that was channelled by John of God as it has allowed his healing modality to be used by others so that they can offer this wonderful healing to those people who are not able to make it in person to Brazil. It is also one of the treatments that he uses at his retreat in Brazil. The bed has 7 quartz crystals which are suspended on a piece of wood above the person’s body and each crystal is aligned with one of the 7 chakra points (also known as energy centres). These crystals emit a coloured light and vibrate to the particular frequency of the chakra with which they are aligned. The aim of this is for the light and vibration to cleanse and balance the energy field of the person. Whilst this is taking the place, the entities will also be performing their spiritual healing as the bed acts as a portal for them to do their amazing work. Before starting the treatment, it is really important that you set your intention (as with any form of healing) as it will give the entities something to work with. So in other words, you need to channel your thoughts and focus on the area of your life that you want to balance; or the issue that you need to resolve; or it might even be the particular part of your body where there is pain or discomfort. Each session under the crystal bed will last around 45 minutes and this is what is recommended for the full effect; however you can just do it for 20 minutes and it will still have a very positive effect.

What to expect

I asked Louise what I should expect of experience as I was imagining all kinds of weird and wonderful things such as my body being taken over and seeing all these prophecies! She said that it varies from person to person – some people see colours; some feel pain, tingling or pressure; some see visions and can actually see the spirits working on them; and some just feel a deep sense of relaxation and actually fall asleep. I thought WOW, this is going to be awesome! Alas, I was one of those who got the deep sense of relaxation which was totally fantastic but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see anything – even though if I did, it would have probably freaked me out! Louise explained that it depends on how sensitive the person is to energy and for some people they actually experience more post-treatment; that the next day or even a couple of days after, they may have more clarity on the issue that they wanted to resolve and they will feel more focused.

This definitely happened with me as the next day I was feeling in a much better mood than I had in a long while and also I felt that I was clearer in my mind about where I was heading and what I needed to do. Days prior, I had been procrastinating to do certain things and found every excuse not to do them; now I am finding myself naturally gravitating towards doing those same things and being able to them without any effort. My whole focus before going under the Crystal Bed was to get more clarity on where I was heading and to get a sign from the universe to point me in the right direction. Isn’t it so weird how these things happen and how these spiritual therapies can have such a profound effect, even if in the most subtle of ways!

Have you ever tried Crystal Bed Therapy? I am so keen to hear about other people’s stories and find out what your experiences has been like so please share by commenting below as we would love to hear how this wonderful therapy has benefitted you!


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