Is your age holding you back?

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At one point or another we have all been guilty of saying “No I couldn’t do that, I’m too old…” or ”If only I had done that in my 20’s…” By labelling ourselves as ‘too old’ has potentially limited us from achieving great things and that is a real shame because in life we should never have regrets! Life is for living and as one very wise person once told me –

Life is about the journey, not the destination. We only get one chance and during our time on earth we should experience all that we can and enjoy life to the max!

We have been programmed to believe that we do certain things at certain ages, and if we go outside of that ‘age range’ then there is something wrong with us or we won’t reach our goal because our age will stop us. “I can’t start dance lessons as that’s for young people”, “I’m too old for the dating game, who will want me now”, “I won’t be able to do yoga as you need to be young and flexible, not creaky and ancient like me!” These are all excuses – us human beings can do ANYTHING that we put our minds to, literally anything. Whether we are old, young, have no experience, never studied before, can’t cook, can’t swim – whatever the ‘can’t’ is, we can always turn this into a ‘CAN’ as we have all the resources to train ourselves to be able to do something new. I love hearing stories of people who are still doing yoga when they are 85 or who start training for a marathon when they are in their 70’s!

I love dancing, always have, and whenever I hear music I want to break out into dance and part of me wishes that I would have pursued it as a career. Dancing in an MTV music video with Beyonce would be awesome!! For years I have been thinking I would love to start dance lessons again but then that nagging little voice comes back saying “you’re too old for that, should have done it in your 20’s, you will be the oldest one there, what if you can’t keep up’. All this negative talk and procrastination has gotten me nowhere and it hasn’t made the feeling of wanting to dance go away either as I still think about it all the time! The only difference is that the older you get, the louder the negative talk gets!

So I thought enough was enough – I am going to do something about this! I saw a studio timetable in my local raw food café and decided to go along to the Jungle Body Konga class that they were running (if you missed this post, check out Jungle Body here). This dance-based exercise class was amazing and made me realise how much I LOVE DANCING and how I need to do something about it. Sooooooo yesterday I booked myself in for a 12 week beginners Hip Hop dance course. How cool is that! I have booked and paid so there is no going back and also I am bringing my friend along for some moral support so that I don’t feel like an absolute moron if I fall over my feet or that I may be the oldest person there! When the nasty doubt monster started to creep back in, I kept reassuring myself that I CAN DO THIS and reminded myself about a friend of mine who started ballroom dancing at age 40 and who then went on to be amazing and participate in lots of competitions. If you put your mind to it and then take action – you can achieve anything!

So what have you been wanting to do or learn for a long time? Has your age been stopping you from doing something extraordinary? Or have you actually grabbed the ‘bull by the horns’ and made your dreams happen by simply taking the chance and not letting doubt get in the way? Please share your story by leaving a comment below as you may just inspire someone to do something great!

Age should never stop you from doing anything, it is only a number and does not define who you are


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Michelle is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist, Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner who is passionate about living a holistic lifestyle and helping others to achieve their health goals. She is also a Jungle Body Dance Fitness Instructor, which not only keeps her fit but also helps her to inspire others to feel confident and get in shape.

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